Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Receiver Door and Room Control

Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Receiver Door and Room Control

Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer I/R Receiver Door & Room Control

This device has been designed to be the interface point in an assisted living facility between the building and the Disabled Occupants Wheelchair Puffer IR Sender. This PCB mounts into the wall of the room/apartment/home and receives the IR Puffers command signals. When a valid command is received it then controls various hardware to facilitate.

The device comes with basic firmware but is completely programmable so that it can take on new rolls and personalities. If you have an idea let us know we can change this device to do what ever you can dream up. We start with our off the shelf code and modify it for your needs. We can also modify and customize the hardware pcb - just ask.

The Physical PCB Contains the following hardware interfaces:

  1. • 8 output relays up to 1A each up to 12v ac/dc
    1. Open/Close Doors
    2. Turn On/Off Lighting
    3. Adjust Heat Up/Down
    4. Call for Assistance
    5. Activate Building Panic Circuit
  2. • 4 optically isolated sense inputs up to 12v
    1. Sense Doorbell front/back
    2. Sense Smoke/Fire Alarm
    3. Sense Occupancy
    4. Sense Entrance/Exit
  3. • IR Receiver
  4. • RS232 Serial Port 300-115200bps 8,N,1
    1. Interface to other things
    2. Change Device Firmware
  5. • 8 Physical DIP Option Switches
  6. • 3 LED's
    1. 2 LED's User Programmable/Definable
    2. IR Data Received Confirmation
  7. • Interface Header with multiple I/O points

The cost for the device is $225 plus shipping and needs to be installed by someone qualified to deal with building electrical issues.

Contact us with questions or to brainstorm about your needs (412) 206-9329 or email newmanrf@gmail.com

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