Custom Electronic Designs

Custom Electronic Designs

Embedworx LED Panel

Not only does Embedworx repair sophisticated electronic systems including ones that control complex electromechanical and large hydraulic hardware but Embedworx can also create New Electronic Designs and Replace Old Control Systems or anything else that your imagination and wallet can dream up.

Embedworx works with TI MSP430's, almost any ARM implementation where documentation is available as well as most older cpu's including Z80,8051,8086/88. New designs are done using new processors such as any ARM, TI MSP430 or ESP32 (dual core Xtensa(r) 32bit LX6)

Embedworx utilizes open source schematic capture tools like Kicad to create a schematic and then convert the schematic into a pcb. Code is written and then compiled using an open source C compiler like GCC where the final code, the firmware, is either burned to a EPROM or downloaded into flash on the target using JTAG or other flashing tool.

Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer I/R Receiver Door & Room Control
Smart Joystick II Periscope Control
Periscope Vehicle Peripheral Interface

Custom Electronic Design Examples

Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Receiver

Receives IR Signals from a Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Transmitter

Smart Joystick 2 Periscope Control

Perfect variable remote control for observation periscope compatible with industry standard 15 pin D connector

Periscope Peripheral Interface

Control hardware from the extra buttons of your Smart Joystick 2 Periscope Control like radio transmit, lights or emergency call

Renata 1000-1 Battery Backup Module Replacement

Direct replacement for Renata 1000-1 Battery Backup Module and we can install it for you.

1' x 1' LED Display Panel

1 Foot Square LED Panel Contains 24x24 array of addressable rgb led's

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