1 Foot Square 24x24 rgb Addressable LED Panel 5vdc 70A

1 Foot Square 24x24 rgb Addressable LED Panel 5vdc 70A

Panel Lit Green

Embedworx Addressable LED Panel PC Boards are full color, bright, 3 led per pixel completely digital display panels which can be powered by our 80A 5v Power Block and driven by our Raspberry Pi Embedded Display Controller which can drive more than 1000 panels (1,296,000 individual 3 color leds) through multiple output mechanisms.

Each panel needs one 80A 5v power supply. Twelve panels, for example, would need 12 individual and separate 80A 5v power supplies.

Image Control Display Software

The first panel of a string takes in clocked data and passes clocked data on to the next panel in the string. Continue to wire panels together in serial fashion. You may split display blocks into smaller sub-panel sections each driven by a dedicated output of the Raspberry Pi Display Controller.

The Raspberry Pi Display Controller takes in image data files and video files and outputs the resulting decoded display data in real time to the Embedworx Addressable Display Panels.

Panel Lit Blue

Once and image is displayed on the panel the resulting image data is displayed on the panel until new data takes it's place.

Square panels can be assembled in almost any configuration to make larger integrated display systems and do not need to be constrained to a square pattern.

Panel Lit Red

Embedworx can create display panels in almost any size and shape with the same existing electrical characteristics which means that your custom shaped panel is electrically compatible with all of our off the shelf panels.

Each panel can be precisely placed next to another panel and the resulting spacing from pixel to pixel between panels will be visually perfect.

Embedworx Addressable Display Panels can be used for more than display purposes - use multiple panels mounted on light stands as a multicolor light source which can be any color with any tint.

Embedworx can create for you an addressable lighting solution including power, control and packaging.


LED Configuration Total LEDs LEDs/in Current Consumption
75mA per Pixel
Physical Size Price
24x24 576 2² = 4 45A @ 5vdc - full on white 12.0 x 12.0 inches $235
36x36 1296 3² = 9 98A @ 5vdc - full on white 12.0 x 12.0 inches $435

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