Embedworx does repair circuit boards other people say are not repairable

Pittsburgh Industrial Electronic Repair

Repaired Routech CNC Robot

Embedworx repairs sophisticated electronic systems including ones that control complex electromechanical and large hydraulic hardware.

Listed below are devices, circuit boards and modules which we repair on a regular basis.

Contact us and discuss your broken machine - if it is worth repairing to you we would like to help.

Embedworx also designs new circuit boards to fit in old machines, retrofits old controls and creates new electronic devices for many applications.

Circuit Board Repair / Module Repair

Machine Repair / Electronic Repair in Pittsburgh PA

Printing Press Repair

Mitsubishi and Heidelberg Electronic Repair

Paper Cutter Repair

Repair of Large Hydraulic Paper Cutter Machines like Challenge MC, MCPB & MPC Paper Cutters and DocuCutter 490 Pro

Snowex Control Repair

Repair SnowEx Spinner Auger Control Box

Circuit Board Repair

Repair of Electronic Circuit Boards in Pittsburgh

Original Custom Electronic Designs

1' x 1' LED Display Panel

1 Foot Square LED Panel Contains 24x24 array of addressable rgb led's

Renata 1000-1 Battery Backup Module Replacement

Direct replacement for Renata 1000-1 Battery Backup Module and we can install it for you.

Custom Electronic Designs

Read more about Embedworx ability to create new custom electronic designs.

Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Receiver

Receives IR Signals from a Disabled Persons Wheelchair Puffer IR Transmitter

Smart Joystick 2 Periscope Control

Perfect variable remote control for observation periscope compatible with industry standard 15 pin D connector

Periscope Peripheral Interface

Control hardware from the extra buttons of your Smart Joystick 2 Periscope Control like radio transmit, lights or emergency call

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