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ControlEZ GUI / MMI Feb 2015 Version 1.00a

Windows Based MMI / GUI Software to exercise TI MSP430 & CC430 Microprocessors. Press a button on the GUI the corresponding pin changes state on the physical device. Separately the pins state is read and transmitted back to the GUI. Uses only Win32API. Completely interrupt driven. Works from 300 bps - 230400 bps. C Language Source Code Available.
Talks throught RS-232 port to Sensor Software for MSP430 which runs on the board/chip you are excersizing. (Sensor Software for MSP430 sold separately)
Exercise your board immediately without having to develop custom firmware.
'Twiddle' each pin - set individual pins high, floating or low.
Pins hardware state is reflected as a 'led' in the GUI/MMI.
Set pins as PWM output and specify frequency.
Read A/D from pins & show raw or scaled value.
Send messages over CC430 radio.
Read messages transmitted from other CC430 radios.
Easy AT Command set
Remote Change of State: AT COS p1.0 0xff
Set pin high: AT SET P1.0
Set pin low: AT SET P1.0
The source code is a excellent and proven place to start your custom GUI or MMI.
$9.99 USD
Windows Executable for Vista, Win7, Win8 - You must also have or purchase Sensor Software for CC430. *Includes telephone and email support. *90 days of updates included free.
$99.99 USD
C language source code using only win32api compiles with Mingw compiler. *Includes telephone and email support. *90 days of updates included free.